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16th of August 2018


The outsourcing model has been a feature of business for several decades.

Most businesses now source at least part of their IT infrastructure and/or business support from external providers. The credit crunch and cash flow liquidity issues will see this increase as pressure mounts to drive costs out of the business equation to maintain a competitive advantage without ploughing back hard earned profit into R & D and other areas that do not yield an immediate financial return.

Outsourcing projects in the past were often structured in transition but now output performance is paramount. Knowledge process outsourcing involves knowledge-related work being carried out by highly skilled service providers and this is where A4 Accountant will be able to help your business.

Outsourcing is now very much a hands-on operation. Outsourcing benefits have become increasingly strategic and while cost saving is an ever-present feature of most projects, improved effectiveness, quality of service, regulatory compliance and governance, risk management and enhanced business value have emerged as key contractual objectives.

Outsourcing only delivers the intended benefits if the skills of the provider meet with the needs of the business requirement. A4 Accountant has these skills to meet your business needs.

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