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16th of August 2018

Electricity and Gas Prices

We have extensive experience of dealing with utility contracts for Electric and Gas. Substantial savings (circa 30%) can be made by comparing the various providers rather than just accepting the local supplier’s latest price rise.

These contracts typically fix for a minimum twelve months but longer periods are also available. Many companies are currently paying far too much for their electricity and gas, totally unnecessarily.

The unprecedented scale of energy price increases over the last few years has had a substantial impact on corporate profitability. The need to review energy policy and seek protection against market volatility has become the highest priority. Companies can no longer afford to rely on traditional buying methods involving contract negotiations once a year or accept massive increases in electricity and gas prices unchallenged.

With the prospect of further price increases amid growing supply concerns, companies are increasingly looking at ways to manage their price risk exposure and reduce their energy usage.

A4 Accountant can help review your energy costs and look for opportunities to fix future prices and reduce these prices significantly. The potential savings are enormous both to profitability and cash flow.

For more information about Electricity and Gas Prices, click here.


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