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16th of August 2018

Credit Control

In a well managed business emphasis is given to monitoring debtors to ensure they settle their accounts punctually. When a business fails to operate its credit control effectively then bad debts may increase. Other customers may perceive this delaying their payments resulting in a lengthening of the working capital cycle and potential cash flow liquidity problems.

Credit Control is one of the most important tasks facing businesses in today’s challenging times as liquidity and cash flow become so vital.

A4 Accountant can assist in this task and will review your sales order process through to sales invoicing. We can also ensure that your procedures in terms of sales ledger debtor management are robust and effective.

A4 Accountant can also help in the credit checking process to minimise bad debts through poor decisions by extending credit to higher risk customers. We have access to Companies House online information and to Credit Checking services. We can also monitor your companies to highlight changes in circumstances such as a reduction in a credit rating.

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