A4 Accountant Ltd are CIMA Practising Certificate Holders
A4 Accountant Ltd : Professional Accounting Solutions
23rd of September 2018


A4 Accountant Ltd are Chartered Management Accountants in Professional practice providing accountancy services to all types of business. A4 Accountant provides a wide variety of accounting and business services as detailed on our various services page. This is by no means an exhaustive list but gives a snapshot of the various services we can provide.

A4 Accountants are business partners whose role is to add value to the business, support strategy and drive change. A4 Accountant has extensive experience enabling us to very quickly understand and address issues that clients are facing and provide straightforward and accurate solutions within short time frames.

We have a tremendous variety of experience with small and medium business enterprises working directly with the business founders and serial entrepreneurs. In these challenging times we need entrepreneurs more than ever with the confidence, passion and determination to move their projects and ideas forward. These entrepreneurs need to be confident all their financial and business support services are effective and efficient.

A4 Accountant specialise with both new and established businesses. Our experience includes rapidly expanding multi-million turnover enterprises and equally others in mature industries that have successfully diversified into emerging but related markets.


A4 Accountant was founded by Graham Pass (FCMA) who has 25 years direct involvement in industry. A4 are very different to many accountancy practices as a result of this and therefore are particularly valuable to entrepreneurs in SME's. We have been there at the coalface and heartbeat of companies and understand all those issues facing businesses having experienced all of them ourselves.

This valuable experience was the reason A4 Accountant Ltd was formed. This then enabled clients to run and build their own businesses leaving A4 to provide the necessary accounting and business support. As its name implies A4 Accountant aims to make business accounting issues simple and understandable. If it can be said on one piece of A4 paper then that is what we will do.

A4 Accountant team members are innovative and highly numerate strategists with excellent communication skills. We sincerely believe that this flair, passion and creativity are as vital as the technical skills and professional expertise. Clients do not disagree appreciating the straightforward approach to their business and accounting issues, regardless of the size or nature of their business.


Management and Financial Accounts
Financial Systems Development & Implementation
Salaries and Payroll
Vat Control
Credit Control
Company Secretarial
Business Profitability Review
Deputise / Mentoring / Coaching / Team Building
Electricity and Gas Prices
General Activities